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Friday, August 31, 2012


So I sort of fell off of the side of the earth other than my deviantart postings. Well a lot and then nothing really happened. I started High School, taking on a strict magnet program and now have a tablet. Here are a few of my recent drawings on the tablet.

White Crow *Commissions* For Cyn Richardson

An attempt at frost-coated roses. (Blue because I'm cool like that)

The Doctor and River Song ^^, I will be posting this and a few others on my deviant.

I've also modeled for a cosplay shoot recently and pictures form that can be found here:

Accepting Commissions!

(A portion of the money goes to sponsoring my sister, a Scottish dancer, at Dunedin Highlander Middle School. Hoping to raise $200+ to sponsor her and a few other students.)

Now that I have a tablet I will be accepting commissions.
-Avatars (100x100 px) are $1
-Full pictures (Above) are $5

Contact me at: